Ethics in Research….

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EZ Water, Dr. Gerald Pollack

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See Sept 19 for 4th phase of water by Dr. Gerald Pollack.

Water Bridge, Dr. Adam D. Wexler

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We connect with each other due to the our fundamental bonding of water molecules.

Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs Water Bridge

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A Hectakaioctagon has 108 sides.

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108 is (3×3) x 12. It’s a magical number in many belief systems.

PhD topic nailed down.

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Happened yesterday morning. Elated, will reveal soon. Organizing and systematizing. Feb 2, 2019, due April 2022 or 2023 latest.

Workshop on the Epistemologies of Water in Asia

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Found :

All over Asia, water is subject to a great variety of knowledge systems and practices. Some of these appear to be linked to particular spaces – when associated with specific local cultures or religions – while others are structured by functional and symbolic differentiations, like expert, political or sacred knowledge.