Conflict Studies

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First post in a couple of years it seems.

This post is in honour of my wordpress upgrade and to gingerly step out as a PhD candidate in Water Issues within the Conflict Studies rubric. Being as this is the first week and I’m totally inundated with work, we shall see how long this lasts. I’ll post relevant discoveries concerning water issues where and when I can.

Well here goes, publishing now.

Water’s Memory

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A great video here on the latest on Water’s memory.


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Structured Water

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Found this today. I’ve been wondering how to drink tap water at home. I cannot vouchsafe this borax business yet, until I research further.

“When filling up your water bottle from the tap you are adding fluoride & chlorine to your mix so take i/8 teaspoon of borax powder (20 mule team brand at your local Walmart) this removes fluoride both from the water and from your body which works to decalcify your pineal gland. This also raises mens testosterone levels and repairs and reverses arthritis and stiff joints. Borax is also extremely alkalizing in itself! Add 1/8 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate (VITAMIN C) which removes the chlorine. Once done adding all of the ingredients you must grab a wooden spoon and start to mix for 30 seconds. You want to mix in a circle very quickly so to create a vortex or a whirlpool effect. This changes the structure of the water to a new form we have little research on.

The water becomes structured water and works as a battery, absorbing energy immediately around it and charges itself. That is why on the water bottle you must take a permanent marker and write positive affirmations on the side so the water will store the energy from the thoughts manifesting through the written words. Water holds memory and sending healing and loving thoughts and words to make contact with the water and then drinking it can heal you and help to manifest that which you have written on the bottle. God bless and this recipe is the most powerful water purifying recipe online, I promise. Oh one more thing, instead of using tap water, go to Walmart and take advantage of their “bring your own jug and refill your filtered water for .33 cents per gallon. This water is triple filtered and also filtered with ultraviolet rays. Take it home and follow the top recipe and enjoy wonderful health!”

From the comments in “” 

More on Borax…fascinating stuff

Borax has to be 20 Mule Team and tiny amounts.

Maybe I need a disclaimer here. I trust the following suffices…

I’m not a doctor, do this at your own risk.

I’ll try it myself and see what happens and post….

Bottled Water

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24,000 chemicals in bottled water, see article here.


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Statement on Water

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By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
World Water Day, March 22, 2015


For fifteen years, we raised the awareness of religious and civil leaders, as well as of theologians and politicians, on the plight of our planet’s waters. While our concern and compassion for the natural environment commands protection and preservation of all aspects of God’s creation – land, water, air, and every living creature: human, animal and plant – we find it appropriate on the occasion of World Water Day to address the issue of the human right to water and sanitation.

As we have repeatedly affirmed, we endorse and are committed to the various declarations of human rights and other international agreements, that environmental resources are God’s gift to the world and cannot be either considered or exploited as private property. Moreover, their sustainability and stewardship demand a proportionate legal and canonical obligation, which cannot be undermined or ignored. Any abuse of our earth’s resources – and, above all, of water as the source and symbol of life and renewal – contradicts our sacred and social obligation to other people, and especially those who live in poverty and on the margins of society.

Water is a fundamental human right, which must be accessible to all people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other aspect of discrimination. It is unfortunate that the global community overlooks these basic principles; and it is tragic that the global community perhaps chooses to disregard these basic truths. How can we – as rational and responsible people – allow over a quarter of the world’s population not to have access to safe drinking water, while almost half of the world’s population faces the indignity of inadequate sanitation? Development at the cost of even a single human life is never development but rather regression. Greed under the disguise of growth insults the image of God in our fellow human beings.

We passionately urge all people of good will to be conscious of their consumption and the needs of other people. Find ways of protecting water – rivers, lakes, and oceans – so that communities and industries no longer pollute without being held accountable. We implore large corporations and businesses to seek alternative means of production, which do not pollute or harm our planet’s resources for the sake of mere profit. And we pray for world peace, particularly in the Middle East, where water is employed as a weapon of persecution and destruction.