Artistic Statement Nov 6, 2018

Water’s immanence with symbolic overlay.

Dual perceptions of things both external and internal,

As with a pool of water, digital reality unfixed, non-static and virtual.

A part of the whole, containing within itself all possibilities from within its own state of being.

The ‘digital image’ is filtered from flux and created through perception.

Empowered is the self through en-framing the fluid pool of formlessness.

Dilemmas: perceptual resolution, of image overlays onto a landscape ground.

Discourse on the sublime refutes the sublime/beauty divide and reunites.

The perceptual/intuitional where boundaries of alterity can dissolve.

It is interesting that the ‘image’ is becoming the intermediary between otherness and ourselves.

~ by iwhist on November 6, 2018.

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