Poem by dad

Imagination — like a twirl of smoke from a hookah pipe
Creates two Books —
The Book of Nature that Newton read
Madame Curie and infrared.

The Word of God by prophets asserted —
Isaiah, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed,
Father Jones …Other single-eyed converted.

By poets inspired
Milton, Donne, Dante, Blake, Kalil Gibran
Picked up by buskers Appropriately wired.

These Books rest uneasy.
Imagination feeds a clash:
God spawned Nature Or Nature— God.
One book must triumph — be supreme …
Imagination drives a unity dream.

Its back on metaphysics,
Imagination seems to work its daring best When eyes are closed
Freed from experience
For senseless soaring—–In a wild disjunctive world.

Imagination turns upon itself
By dreaming up fantastic possibilities
Projected scenarios
That water knowledge
And suggest what’s to be done.

These lines
I thought imagination grew
not tethered to my eyes.
Yet without the education of my senses
Would imagination learn its tenses?

~ by iwhist on December 3, 2020.

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